A Better Quality of Life

Our story is very personal. Although Micah Harr has been working in the health care field for more than ten years, it was not until our own family personally experienced the transition of my parents and Micah's grandparents from having their own home and being totally independent to moving them into a senior community offering stages of health care and living.
We found the first stage (independent housing) facilities to be luxurious and very homey, however, the cost to place my grandparents in an independent housing unit plus the cost of hiring the health care partners working within the confines of the community proved to be more than even I could have imagined. It only took a short time for us to feel the frustrations of finding the right match-up of aids and the level of care that they seemed to need on a changing basis.
We quickly went from independent living to assisted living to a full care nursing facility and with every level of care found there was no continuity of care and the quality of service fell short of even satisfactory. We found that throughout each of these levels of living, we had to personally hire additional aids to give my parents and Micah's grandparents the kind of care we expected.
I guarantee that you will never worry that your A Better Quality of Life caregiver will not show up or that the caregiving will change mid-stream and be someone that your loved one - and you - were disappointed in their personal service.
Life's path takes us through many journeys. It was through this journey with my parents and Micah's grandparents that we said "this is enough!" Micah stopped working for others and decided that no family should have to endure what our family experienced. Micah started A Better Quality of Life, LLC to meet our own families needs and also yours!.
Micah still dabbles in real estate- but his focus is on providing quality in home medical and non-medical health care to families who have the need. From a parent or grandparent retuning home from the hospital stay, to allowing someone to remain in their home with dressing, bathing, and grooming assistance, to
assisting famlies with their Autistic children or the hearing impaired adult.
Our referral business for the past 11 years is what has made Homes that Click so successful.
We believe the In Home Health Care field deserves the same dedication we have provided to real estate....
So, if your journey takes you down the bath of needing to sell your parents or grandparents home or making the choice to provide In Home care where they could stay home for a longer period of time- Please think of us....and Give us a call 614-454-1516. Most insurances accepted including credit cards.
Debbie, Jerry, and Micah Harr