Bidders Advantage

This is how Buyers and Sellers Win! Transparent bidding

Buyers- Gain every advantage with competitive online bidding for homes. Eliminate the feeling of "I would have offered more money if I’d known"

Bidders Advantage from Homes that Click is a competitive online bidding process.
It’s a completely new way to buy a home, allowing you the full advantage of knowing how much others are bidding for the same house in real time, so you can adjust your bid to remain competitive.
The process is just like other online bidding sites you have used for years, with every bid immediately visible to all participants.
The seller
• determines the parameters of the sale, including the starting bid and final sales date
• maintains all rights of refusal if the bidding doesn’t yield an acceptable minimum price
The bidder
• enters an initial bid
• can set an acceptable maximum bid to allow automatic increases as necessary or can manually increase bids as competitive bids are received
Everyone involved in bidding sees the current price offers in real time.
There’s no more guesses.
No more speculation.
No more missing out on the home you really want!
The details
• This simplified process eliminates uncomfortable negotiating.
• Our state-of-the-art notification system keeps you continually informed and always in control of what will be your latest and last bid.
• Bids can be submitted around the clock, and our “soft gavel timer” ensures that your last bid will be placed prior to the sales period end.
• To use this transparent bidding platform, you will be charged an access fee, as well as a non-refundable earnest money deposit that will be credited back at closing. If you don’t close within the terms of the contract, the earnest money is non-refundable. This protects the process from individuals who may want to influence or disrupt the bidding process.
• The typical bidding timeline of 14 days or less shortens the sales process. and eliminates the stress of waiting.
• Homes are sold “as is.”
• Experienced real estate professionals handle all the marketing, promotion, paperwork and the online bidding event. Nothing is different except how you bid.
The benefits of transparent bidding:
• Because the seller pays the lowest commission when they sell with Bidder’s Advantage, they retain more of the home’s value and may be willing to accept a lower final bid from you.
In comparison, at the end of a traditional real estate transaction, most real estate agents claim 6% of the sales amount from the seller as commission.
• The competitive bidding process leads to a truer market value for each home.
• As an interested buyer, you’ll be aware of every change in price and know exactly what’s required to win the sale.
• You can stay engaged and involved until the final sale. There’s no more guessing what price is needed to remain a contender.
• You’re looking at homes from motivated sellers who are as interested in selling their home as you are in buying it. No more games, no more last-minute changes.
• Although the bidding occurs online, the home sale and oversight is provided by Homes That Click, a trend-setting real estate agent in central Ohio for more than 20 years.
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